Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Weeks Adventures

Last week was a great week...but aren't they all? Here is what I got up to...

  • Mon: holiday rest

  • Tues: Trail RUN 45mins and quick MT BIKE 60mins ride super fun...saw bear tracks on Buggered Pig Trail.

  • Weds: Weights and XC BIKE ride again super fun...saw the young feller on Buggered Pig and we scared the bejesis out of each other=)

  • Thurs: Adventure Trail RUN with serious trek training up the downhill course to the upper lookout in Cumberland...up up up then down down down 75mins

  • Friday: Ripple Rock trail HIKE 2 hours

  • Saturday: Kussam Training RUN up Peckerhead, Dirty Jane **new trail Cabin Fever (so cool...just wait adventure runners you will go there this summer:)** 2 Sheiks to Forbidden plateau ski hill...then all the way back down 2 Sheiks etc...2.5hours of pure fun:)

  • Sunday: 10K Trail RUN with ELM 1/2 Clinic at Trent River and 2 hour MT BIKE ride with the Rats...up Forbidden Plateau Road then down all the trails we explored on our run yesterday! Super duper fun- Cabin Fever is fo sho my new fav trail...flowing, moderate downhill that is all rideable but still challenging...fun.

Can't believe it is Tuesday already...have a great week!

PS there have been multiple cougar sightings out in Cumberland-most recently near the Perseverance creek bridge...be smart out there!



Jen said...

Sounds like fun! Laurel and I have been enjoying our week off but are ready to get back out there again tomorrow morning before I head East. We've been keeping up the push-ups though! How about you?

Sarah said...

Good to hear the push up challenge is still going strong...1.5 more weeks! I have been keeping up with you girls don't worry-just missed 2 days with a garden injury to my left shoulder! Couldn't touch it for a few days! See you in July...looking forward to hearing more updates on your fitness adventures this month!