Friday, May 16, 2008

Push Up Challenge

My two superstar military mom clients Laurel and Jen have been given a challenge for the next 3 weeks and I...have decided to up the anti by joining them! Complete a minimum of 1 set of push ups (as many as possible) EVERY DAY for the next 3 weeks. Miss a day? Pay Up and complete 100 push ups on the spot next time we meet-for every day missed:)

These ladies are working their tails off to get fit for their upcoming PT test after taking maternity leave. They are on track, working hard and bumping up the intensity over the coming weeks. Try their Thursday morning workout sometime:

Warm up general 5-10 minutes
Warm up dynamic range of motion 5 minutes
Interval Circuit:
1 minute all out 20 meter shuttle run with 1 minute recovery...repeat 3 times.
Maximum push ups
Maximum crunches
Repeat circuit 3 times (for a total of 9 shuttle run intervals:)
Cooldown and Stretch...and savor the post workout glory!

Wanna take the challenge? Let me know if you are in and I will add you to the list...Or make your own challenge! JUST DO IT!


The Selman's said...

I'm a little sore from yesterday, but it's all good! I just did my push-ups for the day as I entered my scraproom for the evening! Thanks Sarah!

Sarah said...

Way to go Laurel! Thought I would share it with the world and bump up the accountability angle for us all:) Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

So far so good on he challenge Sarah! On Saturday before the run I did 11 solid push-ups from my toes and a bunch more from my knees for good measure :-) I was super stoked!!


Sarah said...

Fantastic Jen! Your push up challenge is paying off! Looking forward to seeing you both later this morning:)