Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Does Your Health Mean to You?

The human body has limitations; 
the human spirit is boundless. 
-Dean Karnazis

Got a savings account?  RRSP?  Pension?  Retirement Plan?  If yes, good.  If no, best get on that one peeps;).  We all want to have enough money to live our lives as we envision them.  We all want a roof over our head and then some.  We work and work and save and save with the goal of coming out on top.  We know the value of saving for our future.  But why do we lose sight of saving for a 'healthy' future also?  We can have all of the money in the world...but without our health it is of little worth. 

Living the life of your dreams now and in the future requires a healthy body and mind.  If your body is limiting your ability to live your life to the fullest then it is time to make a change.  Set yourself up for success my friends.  Take the time to lay a solid foundation and you will be able to build skyscraper of health that reaches up to the sky.  Taking the time to determine what your health actually means to you is a critical step in this process.  Uncover what you truly value about your health and you will find a solid rock that you can lean on in times of low motivation along the way.

The following excerpt is taken from my book, Fit & Free: Seven Steps to Achieving Fitness for Life.  Enjoy:)

Chapter 1
Step 1: Making a Connection

Before taking any steps towards improving your fitness you need to identify what living a healthy lifestyle truly means to you.

Many people fail to take the time to identify their core values around active living before launching into a new activity or program. It is fantastic that they are motivated to get started but also unfortunate that they do not realize the importance of this first step.

Without answering this critical question many people will end up discouraged and disappointed when they find themselves in a period of low motivation, struggling to stay active. Those who do take the time to investigate this question find it much easier to maintain an active lifestyle over the long term. It is our personal values that will help motivate us to carry on when the going gets tough.

When meeting with a new personal training client, uncovering the answer to this question is a very important step. Before taking any actions toward improving their fitness or changing their nutrition habits they must first identify what living a healthy lifestyle will truly mean to them now and in the future. Once they identify their personal values and how they relate to physical activity they are ready to move onto the next steps in the process of becoming fit for life.

In order to answer this question correctly you need to make the connection between your fitness, your future and what your personal values are in life.

What do my values have to do with my fitness? 

Your activity choices must help you improve your quality of life in a way that is meaningful to you. Activity choices that do not support your core values are less likely to motivate you over the long term. This is a critical point so be sure to let it sink in. In fact you have just discovered the secret to achieving fitness for life!

Motivation ebbs and flows and we know that obstacles will always be a part of life.
By making a connection between your values and the role of fitness in your life you will find it easy to stay motivated during even the most difficult periods.  When your activity choices are in line with your values you can be confident that they will keep you motivated and on the right track when you need it most.

Some examples of core values are:
Happiness or Joy
Personal growth
Connecting with others
Making a difference in the lives of others
Helping others
Self-actualization (reaching your potential)
Personal Challenge


What does your health mean to you?
What values do you connect with your health and fitness?
WHY do you want to be a healthier you now and in the future?


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