Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday!
Personally I love Mondays;) The start of a new week and the promise of getting way more done than is actually humanly possible!  A fresh sheet of paper to begin the first of 50 lists for the week.  A deceivingly wide open calendar with endless possibilities to complete half done projects and launch one of the thousands of new ones on my list.   I wear my (most tinted) rose coloured glasses on Mondays.   It's Friday afternoons when the sand dial is down to it's last grains that stress me out lol:)

Need a little inspiration to kick off your week?   
Here are some links, images and ideas that inspired me or made me smile recently.  I hope they help you overcome inertia and climb onward this week!

This resonates like crazy with me.  I think failure is the best thing that can happen to us all.  Without it we have no idea what we are truly capable of.  How do you see failure? 

Awesome Video:: 'Moon Walking' with Dean Potter via the Adventure Blog.

Awesome Video:: 'Kayaking Greenland' beautiful promo video via the Adventure Blog

I shared this image from 'I am Endurance' on my blog this week in relation to the topic of 'Limiting Factors' . This is a quote that rings true so to me.  Life is so short.  Make it yours.  Make it sweet.  Make it deep

Short TED Talk: 'Your Gene's are Not Your Fate' a 3 minute TED talk that gives us all hope

Great read:: 'I only have one pair of legs' blogpost by Ultramarathon top dog Ellie Greenwood via irunfar

I just love this little guy and included him in my recent Fit & Free blogpost...might have to make him my screen saver to remind me what it is really all about...

What stories, images, videos or quotes have inspired you?  I would love to see them!

Have an awesome week:)

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