Monday, December 31, 2012

ELM Top 10 For 2012



 This is a pic of many of my favourite ELM peeps!  Who got together for a special surprise party for me in honour of ELMs 10th year birthday last year...BIG thank you to all of you for taking the time to celebrate with me...and for making me cry:)
The last day of 2012.

I love looking back on the year gone by.  It reminds me of all of the good laughs I have had, all of the great adventures I have enjoyed and all of the amazing people I have done it with.  I have been sorting through hundreds of inspiring images from ELMs many adventures this past year.  From Team ELM races to epic trail moments and supernatural vistas, we have had a pretty fantastic year.  I am so fortunate to have met so many amazing people though ELM over the years...thank you for bringing so much joy to my life!

My goal this morning was to choose 10 images for the ELM Top 10 for 2012...yeah...right.  As if I could choose just 10 lol!  So, instead, I have created 10 collages of my favourite images of my Top 10 ELM Adventures for 2012.  Here they are in no particular order...just piles of great memories that I hope you will enjoy:)

I am enjoying looking back...but at the same time, I can't wait to see what 2013 will bring!!

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year my friends:)

PS...don't forget to make your 2013 Vision board...set your intention for the new year...


1. Team ELM and Team ELM Too in the Royal Lepage Snow to Surf Relay.  What an awesome day with 18 awesome women!

2.  Endless Sunrises with my Bootcamp recruits:)  Your hard work and determination inspires me at every workout!

3.  Team ELM kicks up some serious snow at the YETI!  The year will begin again with this fun event on January 26th...
4.  ELM & IPF 'Run-ilates' Lole Meet Up!  This was ELM's 3rd Meet Up in 2012 and we joined forces with IPF to offer a fun, fusion workout that was free for the community.  Looking forward to more in 2013:)

5. ELM 2012 Adventure Running Series!  We had miles of scenic trails, countless breath taking vistas, numerous mid-run dips in the lake and endless trail adventures this year.  Thank you for expanding your sense of adventure and always being up for a challenge:)  I am counting the days until the spring session kicks off in 2013!

6. Team ELM Glowbots rock the Squamish 50 mile relay!  What an awesome road trip with an awesome team of ELM friends:)  Squamish didn't know what hit them when these fluorescent costumed cats set up shop at the relay.  Good times and great memories!

7.  Perseverance 2012...what a ride!  This year we sold out days in advance of the race for the very first time.  300 racers, 50+ volunteers, 40+ donors and sponsors and one GIANT cheque in the amount of $4000 for the Cumberland Community Forest Society.  Thank you to everyone who donated time, resources, smiles and energy to make this event such a huge success.  And BIG hugs for my partner in crime, Lene Curts of Extreme Runners:)  Only 2 years until our 10 year anniversary...

8 Team ELM & the MOMAR!  We had a whole crew of teams sign on for this years MOMAR adventure races - in Burnaby and Cumberland.  Congratulations to all of the ELM Teams and MOMAR 101 graduates who tackled these challenging (but oh so fun) races this year.  We had a record number of teams with ELM racers toe the line in Cumberland...can't wait to see what force we can bring to the table for 2013:)

9.ELM River Run Off Road Half Marathon Challenge!  This year, ELM offered a new special half marathon event for our Off Road Half Marathon Clinic participants.  Rather than travelling out of town for a finale race, our participants got to stay in town, race on the same trails they trained on all summer and have their very own race, complete with chocolate medals and a family potluck picnic afterwards.  We enjoyed it so much that we are going to do it again this year!  Watch for the 2013 ELM River Run Half Marathon coming next August!  BIG thank you to Kim Senechal for coaching our half marathoners to success!

10. Miles of smiles with my ELM Fearless Leaders!  Arran, Kathy K, Lynn, Audrey, Diana, Gen, John, Rae, Kathy P, Kim, Alma, Darla, Nicole...I couldn't do it without you...and cannot thank you enough for your support!  We have enjoyed many adventures together...but what happens on the trail stays on the trail lol!  Thank you for your sense of adventure and for putting up with my sometimes hair brained plans:)  I am so lucky to know you all and to have you in my life.  ELM may have brought us together, but our memories and laughter will ensure we never come apart:)

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