Friday, December 21, 2012

Final 12 Days of Christmas Workout...

Hello and Happy Friday!

OK here is the 3rd and final holiday inspired 12-Days of Christmas workout from ELM for 2012.  I know that my Sunrise recruits are happy to say goodbye until next year:)  If you run out of time and can't get to your usual class, gym, program etc then make some room in your living room and get 'er done with this workout.  You will need a stop watch or interval timer (I LOVE the gymboss ap) to keep you honest and stop you from taking too much rest:)  Don't be afraid to crank your favourite playlist cuz it will probably help you keep pushing until the end.  Can't do one of the exercises due to injury, lack of equipment, space etc?  No problem, just substitute another of your LEAST favourite exercises in and keep on going.

For this workout you will complete each of the 12 exercises once, starting with #1 and working your way down to #12.  NO rest between exercises.  Just move right on over to the next one and see how quickly you can get this workout done.  It should take you about an hour:)  Don't have an hour?  No problem.  Just get through as many exercises as you can in the time you have and come back to it at your next workout.  Done.  Now go warm up and then go hard so you can create a caloric deficit before the insanity to come...

Merry Christmas!
12 Days of Christmas Timed Intervals
  1. *10 hill sprints
  2. * 40 sec power push ups with 20 sec rest between
  3. *60 sec skip 30sec power jacks (bend your knees and squat wide)
  4. * 30 sec jump ups with 10sec rest
  5. *10 sec plank foot hops with 5 sec hold plank rest
  6. *20 sec in out abs with 10 sec rest
  7. *20 sec split squat jumps with 10 sec rest
  8. *20 sec dips with 10 sec rest
  9. *10sec upright row with 5 sec res
  10. *10 sec around the world (travelling wide squat with floor touch) 5 each direction
  11. *10 sec pull ups with 10 sec rest
  12. * burpee push ups to finish!

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