Friday, January 21, 2011

What moves you?

I just found this picture from a gutbuster a couple of years back...I remember that race - Mt Doug in Victoria consisted of a series of repeats up and down short but steep and technical summit of Mt. Doug.

Race season is around the corner once again and it is time to MOVE it or LOSE it.

Some days it comes so easy doesn't it? You are itching to get your sneakers on or jump on your bike for a rip. Craving the smell of dirt, the wind on your face or the beat of your feet.

Some days it is not quite so easy. In fact, some days it is downright hard. Like there is a magnet on your ass and it just won't let you get up and go. Like there are a million other things you would rather be doing. Like it is a chore to move rather than the gift of life you know it truely is.

Motivation is dynamic.

Like the tides it spills over us suddenly and just as quickly it can leave us for the other shore, far far away.

This is reality. Yours, mine and every human being on the planet. Even the worlds top athletes experience this ebb and flow - and for some it is a constant battle they must work to order to reach their dreams and goals.

The secret? Be honest with yourself. Take the time to ask yourself WHY you want to MOVE. The answer will change often. You can't rely on old motivations when you become a new you. Just as you evolve and change so will your motivations. Check in from time to time and figure it out. And when you do, don't judge yourself! It is a gift to figure our what motivates you- so use it and go with it and it will move you when you need a little help to overcome inertia or keep your body in motion.

So...what MOVES you?

MUSIC moves me. And when I need to move my but from low to high gear during workouts that require more intensity then I think I can muster I push in the earbuds, navigate to my NRG playlist and turn up the volume too loud. It works every time. I am always amazed what I can pull off with some big beats.

Here is what I am listening to these days on those High Intensity workouts- hill repeats, lactate threshold runs or z5 all out intervals on the trainer...look em up on iTunes. Keep in mind - I do not recommend these tunes for a long slow workout or a relaxing Sunday drive! That will be another post...

  • Mikey Da Rosa - House DJ based in Calgary. I can move to anything he plays but my current favs are: Entre Nous 2, SpinFest 2010, Carte Blanche 2 (heavy house watch out)

  • Lady Gaga - nuff said

  • Rihanna - Dance. Please dont stop the music.

  • FrouFrou - Dance/vocals. Just plain good.

  • Fiest- classic Canadiana. Look for her upbeat ones- Sealion remix, Past is Present, I feel it all!

  • Emiliana Torrini- one song: Jungle Drum....oooh ... and Big Jumps!

  • DJ Champion- edgy house/techno. Chill'em all.

  • Newer Madonna- Inspiring pop. Anything from HardCandy or Confessions on a Dance Floor

  • Daft Punk- house, solid beats.

  • Coldplay - uplifting, building, upbeat songs. Viva la vida of course.

There is only ONE RULE when it comes to using music to move you. You can only listen to your mix/playlist when you are training or racing. That's right. You need to limit your listening time to keep your motivation high and get the old pavlovian response working.

I would love to hear what is on your high NRG playlist- I am always looking for fresh trax! Send em my way!


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