Friday, January 14, 2011

Balanced Training


Winter hit the Valley full force this week with inches upon inches of wet, heavy, core, building snow to tackle. This made for an interesting first week of January ELM classes!

Our participants were troopers and our instructors were creative and we had a great week playing outside and enjoying the white stuff during our workouts.

This week our participants learned how little space you really need to get a good hard workout in! Without our usual runs, we worked solely on strength and cardio intervals that got the heart rates up and muscles burning. Great work this week!

Balanced Training.
Yes, we are all striving for 'balance'...which is dynamic and very personal in all aspects of life. But, when it comes to fitness, a balaced program MUST include the 3 training cornerstones of fitness:

How much time you dedicate to each of these components will depend on your personal needs...notice I said 'needs'...not 'wants'.

We typically like 'cardio' or 'strength'. We either love Yoga or weights. We love to run or ride all day or hit the strength training hard. Fair enough! But, we usually like and gravitate towards the component of fitness we are already good at. We like things we are good at. It feels nice to be good at things.

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this one:

I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible.

Come ON people! If you aren't good at it chances are you NEED to do more of it!

Balance our your training program this year by doing 2 things, well ok, 3 things:
1. Identify your 'limiting factors'. What you aren't as good at.
2. Shift the 'balance' of your current training plan to spend more minutes every week on these LF components.
3. Suck it up and watch your fitness and performance soar this year.

Tuff love from coach Sarah today! LOL:)

Our classes were perfectly balanced between cardio, strength and flexibility this week...

Bootcamp rain, snow, or sleet, just like the mailman...

Always fun with a partner!

Need for Speed got treated to a Bootcamp style circuit indoors as the track was covered in half a foot of snow last night!

Sit up...push your partner back down!

Time for a post workout Yoga session after Need for Speed! Thanks Birgit- you hit all the right spots!

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