Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ELM Winter Challenge

ELM BIG Winter Challenge: On NOW!

This is it. The 'little push' you have been waiting for. Are you up for it?

January is as good a time as any to step up your goal setting game and get your groove on when it comes to your health and fitness. This winter ELM would like to up the anti and put some cold hard cash rewards on the line for those who are ready to get serious about their fitness. That's right, I said cash!

Each month for the next 3 months, ELM is going to post a new challenge for you to tackle. Accept and succeed at the challenge and you will receive a reward from ELM. Tackle the BONUS challenge and you will be entered to win $25 ELM Fitness Dollars at the end of the month. Complete all 3 monthly challenges with flying colours and you will be entered to win $100 ELM Fitness Dollars and a host of other fantastic fitness prizes that will reward your determination!

Anyone can play along with the Challenge but only ELM Members will be eligible for prizes so be sure to join the ELM Member Family if you haven't already! Late starter? No problem! You can jump into the Challenge at anytime and still be eligible for many prizes.

Enter to Win.
Think you have what it takes to tackle the ELM Winter Challenge? Email ELM to register and get started on your Challenge today! elmhealth@shaw.ca .

Challenge #1: January


This month we kick off the BIG Challenge with a bang. It is time to look seriously at your overall health & fitness so that you can identify weak links in the chain. You will learn alot about yourself with this month's Challenge and that knowledge will help you acheive a higher level of health and fitness in the weeks and months to come.

Your Challenge this month is to complete the ELM Weekly Progress Summary for 4 weeks. In addition you must reach GOAL levels for 6/9 of the Summary categories every week. You will find a copy of this Summary online here.

Enter to Win.
Registered Challengers must fax or scan / email Progress Summaries to ELM by February 7th in order to be entered to win this month's fitness prize (TBA).

**BONUS CHALLENGE! Want to win $25 ELM Fitness Dollars? Tackle the monthly bonus challenge:

Attend a minimum of 1 ELM Training Session or Program Class each week during this month and you will be entered to win ELM cash. Receive one entry for each additional session you attend weekly! ie/ 1 class / week for 1 month = 1 entry. 3 class/week for 1 month = 3 entries. The more you play the better your odds are to get paid by ELM!

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