Friday, January 7, 2011

I think I can I think I can

What you believe, you will achieve.

Look at this statement. Do you believe it? If so, then you know the tremendous power your thoughts have on your future.

If your mind believes "I can't," you will continually sabatoge your own efforts to succeed. You will never actually do what is required to realize your goal. But if in your mind you believe "I can," and you act on this belief, you will in fact move towards fulfilling your dream. I know this is true as I have seen the effects of 'belief' on success many times over in my own life and in the lives of my clients.

You need to eliminate restrictive beliefs about what you can and cannot do if you are going to succeed. You need to replace the negative with the positive- plain and simple. Self limiting thoughts will stop you in your tracks no matter how badly you want to succeed. Negative beliefs will block your growth and limit your potential. You are capable of that which you believe to be true no more no less.

99.99% of people experience irrational belief statements that start with some version of 'I can't'. "I'm too old, too short, too weak, to stupid." "I'm not ready, not good enough, not young enough." Sound familiar?

What you believe you will achieve. It works both ways.

Your actions begin with a single step, so to speak. And that step is taken in your mind. You win or lose in your head. You succeed or fail in your mind. Your beliefs will determine your path and the ultimate outcome.

Think of the days of 1954 before and after the 4 minute mile was broken by Roger Bannister. Before this day the entire sports world believed that it was impossible to run a mile faster than four minutes. Do you know what happened after this belief barrier was broken? More than 45 runners achieved the sub 4 minute mile in the next 18 months. Once the barrier was broken they all 'believed' it could be broken again. And so it goes.

Your beliefs can be changed but it will take practice, determination and consistency. You must remember that believing you 'can' is 'self direction' not 'self deception'. You are setting your path with your thoughts and beliefs to increase the likelihood of success. You may not succeed immediately but you will learn just as much from your setbacks and mistakes as from your successes.

Do not doubt your ability to succeed.

Time to practice. Here is an excellent visualization exercise from Tao Sports: Thinking body dancing mind.

"Find a quiet place, close your eyes, take 5 deep abdominal breaths and relax. Recall a situation where you've told yourself, "That's too hard, I could never do that-no way." Now, understand that if you've learned to walk, you probably can accomplish most athletic skills. See yourself performing 'as if' you were an athlete with great skill, dexterity and talent. See yourself doing what you believed you couldn't. Feel 'in the groove' playing as natural for this particular sport/activity. Feel yourself concentrating as you confidently accomplish the goal. Feel the sense of elation, and now believe that you are capable of such achievement."

Practice visualizations and positive affirmations every single day to increase the power of your ability to expand your beliefs.
The outcome will literally blow your mind.

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