Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week in Pics


I am back into the swing of things after the whirwind week post-holiday-back at work and post MOMAR. Here, in random order are a few pics from my week:
Sunday (8am bright and early post MOMAR) Marathon Clinic leader:)

  • Wednesday Rat Ride in Cumby:))))
  • Thursday Adventure Running - ran the Perserverance 10k route!
  • Saturday Run to Cruikshank canyon from Raven Lodge with Liz! 18-20k? Followed by the ELM Plant Swap!
  • Sunday- today- Rat Ride in Cumby! They boys are working on a new trail ... we got to check it out and it is going to be a great long ride!! Stay tuned...

Today's Rat Ride crew...random is hard to take pics while riding so I end up with all of these stopped and very boring shots:) I can't believe how warm it is out there! I gotta get back out there right after this...

Thursday night Adventure Run: this is a section of Waterboys and Michelle is looking great! She has pink flagging around her waist cause she loves pink. HA just kiddin' she was helping to pull flags from the MOMAR!

This was last week actually...but I forgot to post it for the gals in my they are...Cougar Bait! This is part of the 9 person crew that got to meet their first cougar up close and personal last month:)

Adventure Running in beautiful fall weather!

Last Sunday morning marathon crew...23k...nothin!

Saturdays run with Liz to Cruikshank! The signs are cool and date back into the 70s...

This is the new trail marker system- the trails closest to Raven Lodge are soooo well marked and maintained now! They are very runable and we even saw a couple of strollers on the Paradise Meadows loop! Look at that frost! It was beautiful up there but MAN was it CHILLY mountain air! All the boardwalks were super slick with frost...


It looks like a beautiful week of weather ahead of us so get out there!!

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