Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Royal Victoria Marathon & Half!

Congratulations Racers!!

The Comox Valley was extremely well represented this weekend at the Royal Victoria Marathon and Half Marathon. I was kept busy as a cheerleader for close to 20 familiar faces from the Valley out on the race course. From the Half Marathon speedsters to the first timers I was filled with inspiration around every bend on Sunday morning!

I watched both the half and full marathoners as they passed the 5km mark in front of my sisters house (the best place to cheer!!) and everyone looked great, relaxed and there were even a few smiles!

Lynn, Simone and Korky heading off to the next km marker...

Lisa and Karen just getting warmed up...

Holly looking great at the 5k mark on the Half Marathon!

Here is a video of the pack coming by...very quiet except for the footstrikes...5k into it and everyone is in O2 debt because they started crazy fast under the mask of adrenaline...HA!

The 23k turnaround point for the marathoners was another great spot to see the crew as they came through a water station and looped back to begin their trek home. AGAIN everyone was looking great! All smiles...I mean look at Heather in that pic above! She had WAY too much energy!! Hi 5s, patsontheback and away they went to Dallas Road...

Then it was off to km 37 at the bottom of Clover Point Hill on Dallas Road. I ran over from my sisters place then began a series of hill repeats as I ran with all my buddies towards and up the hill trying to motivate them to find that last 5k somewhere from within...

They were tired. They were sore. They were sweating. They were cramping. They wanted to pull over and just stop. But they didn't.

They pushed up that hill with the strength and determination and the fight of champions. They all ran that hill with great form and great pace and before they knew it they were heading for the finish line...they best part of a marathon! I had such a wonderful time running the final 5k with Korky, Lynn and Simone- watching the view from their eyes...as the volunteers and supporters rallied for them and pushed then onwards...the support from complete strangers was absolutely heart warming...humans at our best.

CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing accomplishment! Now it is time to take it easy and get some much deserved rest and relaxation. Enjoy this downtime and then you will look forward to setting new and exciting goals for the future!

Full Results can be found online::

Have a great week!


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