Saturday, October 10, 2009


I love the harvest season with it's rich colours, bounty of fresh fruit and veggies and plenty of cozy visits with friends and family.

I have a confession to make. I have entered a pie making contest! The Cumberland Harvest Fair is next Saturday 10-4pm and the highlight is the 2nd annual pie making competition.

The bad news is I just started making pies last week (3 already!).

The good news is the first round of judging is ' Peoples Choice'. That means that YOU are invited to PLEASE come down to the fair and vote on my pie! 12pm-2pm vote once only please:) Go to our facebook page for all the details...

Perseverance is 2 weeks away! Be sure to sign up for our course pre-run next Saturday...right before the pie 9am in Cumberland!

Chop Chop. Off with your hair! And on a random aside I had to get half my hair cut off yesterday and in the process I learned something important from my fantabulous hairdresser at Level 10, Karen, while going for my annual chop yesterday.

NEWS FLASH: You have to get your hair cut more than once per year if you don't want it to die, break and fall out. Really? Every 8-10 weeks actually, she said. WOAH! I am going to try 2-3 times per year and see how that goes. After spending 2 weeks on the beach WITHOUT A HAIRBRUSH last month I had done some serious damage.

Our first annual marathon clinic is coming to a close with a final celebration run this weekend... The Royal Victoria Marathon!

Best of luck to all ELM and Comox Valley racers in the Full and Half Marathon this weekend! Look for me just around the corner from km 5!!

Deep breath, stick to your plan, enjoy the experience to the fullest and you will have an amazing day!!

See you there!

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