Wednesday, October 28, 2009

National Chocolate Day

I thought that might get your attention!

That's right, today is National Chocolate Day (Thanks Diane:)!
And there ain't nothin' wrong with that I say! Those who know me know that I am all about balance, moderation and finding happiness in ones life...and for many that means enjoying the taste of good chocolate now and then.
The Bonus? They have found nutritional benefits within the delicious folds of dark chocolate...even better! Antioxidants...rock.
That brings me to my To Do list for today...
At the start of each week I tidy up my office desk and tidy up my mind with a giant To Do list for the week. All week I tick things off and add just as many things it seems. I often create mini-side-lists when the urge hits - in the car, in bed or during lunch in the kitchen. By the end of the week there are lists half crossed off all over the place. When Monday rolls around again I merge them all into one new fresh, tidy list for the coming week.
This week my To Do list looks like this:
  1. Perseverance: Thank you's, Photos, Race Report, Press Release, Clean Up, T-Shirts to Extreme Runners (on sale for $15 while quantities last!), AGM report, Pick up Rec Cntre Deposit etc...
  2. Mail Client Race Jersey to Clearwater
  3. Need for Speed Clinic Prep: Book facility, find video camera, poster design, blog, press release etc...
  4. Books: Finalize ELM Training Manual, Running Manual and ELM Cookbook files for Sure Copies...all of which will be available as Books and EBooks for purchase in November.
  5. THATS RIGHT! THE ELM COOKBOOK is on it's way!! Stay tuned for the release this November... Hence the chocolate segway...there will be a few chocolately recipes in there you can be sure!
  6. Meet with Nathaniel at to review new ELM Website: Another exciting deal for November as we get set to launch the new ELM is looking amazing and will host our new ELM online store!
  7. Work on book...Fit & Free coming soon!
  8. Work on other (secret) online store products...
  9. Set date for ELM annual Christmas Partay with Extreme Runners
  10. Finalize ELM Equipment pricing list...soon to be part of our online store.
  11. Data Entry
  12. Back up files
  13. Confirm NCCP course dates in November (continuing ed)
  14. PERU! Confirm info night details for next Friday.
  15. Client monthly programs
Phew...and that is just how my list started this week!
Better go do some of these things!!

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Catherine said...

Yay for National Chocolate Day! I never even knew about it! Thanks for letting me know - I'm officially diarizing it for next year. Can't wait for the ELM Cookbook, Sarah - way to go!