Friday, May 8, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

John & I post ride on (wet) Wednesday night. Even though we had mud up our noses, were soaked to the bone and Johns derailer ripped entirely off his bike we were all smiles:) Life is short...enjoy all of it:)


One joy scatters a hundred griefs.

- Chinese Proverb

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Jen and Dale said...

Hey Sarah! Still reading along here in chilly Cold Lake. It was not a very active winter for the Campbell family, but we are making up for it now that the snow is gone and I am starting get back out there with the running stroller.

Have seen a few of your posts mentioning Nikki and Marc - please pass on a hello from Dale, Jen and Turner the labradoodle next time you are out with them. They'll probably remember Turner best of all :-)

Glad to see you're keeping busy! I gather my sis will be back working with you soon - make sure you work her extra hard for me, ok?

Take care!