Sunday, May 3, 2009

Solid Training Weekend

Woah Mama!
That was a weekend that I need a weekend after...

13hours of solid training over 2 days with 4.5hours of sleep between back to back workouts. Our mission: to prep for the Full Moon In June 36 hour exp race which is about 5 short weeks away...

Here is a quickcap...

The team: Shawn, Marc, Andy, myself and the 'suckers for punishment': Michelle and Nikki (who just came along for 'fun').
The weather: Saturday was crap...yick...rain...wind...whitecaps...soggyshorts...wrinkly fingers...coooooold lips... Sunday was warm and sunny:)

  • 2hour Comox Lake Paddle approx 18k
  • 1.5hour ride out Comox Lake Main to Alone mountain (back of the lake) 25km return
  • 2hour trek up and down Alone mountain 640m elevation - headed down from the summit at 8pm and enjoyed my first dark scramble down a wet slick mountain...spotted a 'follower's glowing eyes at CAT HEIGHT in a clearcut...
  • 1.5hour ride back to the Comox Lake Dam in the POURING but warm rain and in the pitch black darkness. Had a great bike light rigged up that DIED as soon as I turned it on:)
  • Wrapped up after 11pm in bed by 12:30am...
  • 2 homemade chocolate energy bars see below
  • 2 survival cookies
  • 1 fruit bar
  • Chocolate love GU
  • Pretzels
  • Tamari almonds
  • Banana peanut butter and honey wrap
  • My little headlamp is not appropriate for mountain biking in the dark. Blind as a bat really!
  • Running shoes are a perfect carrying case for a banana peanut butter wrap.
  • Wet clothes are cold clothes regardless of the temperature. Get wet and die.
  • Cougars have blue reflective eyes.
  • 5am wake up call
  • 6-9am 3hour 24km TREK up Forbidden and RUN down the road to and from Nymph Falls.
  • 2.5hour 24km RIDE back UP Forbidden and DOWN lots of super fun XC trails - that was really the easiest part of the whole weekend! Not much peddling on the downhills meant a nice break for the legs!
  • 12noon WAVERLY PUB for REWARDS!!


  • 3 fig newtons
  • 1 espresso love GU
  • 2 date/walnut/coconut lime cookies (recipe tba)
  • 1 chocolate energy bar aka Sherry's protein baars (tba)
  • 1/2 pack Cliffe shot blocks margarita with salt
  • 2 survival cookies
  • 1 banana


  • You can get sleepy enough to think you might fall asleep while you are running...who knew?
  • You can get by with a little help from your friends...
  • The Waverly Pubfare is a GREAT motivator.
  • Even a $130 seat can give you a sore bum after 2 days.

Marc and Nikki in the kayak to bike transition on Saturday...

Andy breaks and fixes a chain at the bike to Alone mountain trek transition...

Stashing the bikes in the bush while we trek up/down Alone mountain...

Cold and wet and getting dark at the top...

Michelle is all smiles and sunshine on Sunday!


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