Monday, May 11, 2009

Another great weekend!

Happy Monday:) mr. spiked pedal. OH! HELLO!!!!!!!!! Just went to hang up my bike in the basement and managed to drop it and smash my flats into my right shin. Ooooo. That's gonna leave a mark!

Was just surfin and thinkin about some cool races that I just learned about today that you might be interested in:

Intermontane Challenge:: 5 day staged mt bike race in Kamloops this summer
This is why I love the blog world...I just got an update via Google Reader that Jen Segger Gigg of Challenge by Choice had updated this race info on her blog...and next thing you know I am drooling all over my keyboard.
Looks cool...wheels are turnin...

Campbell River 50 Trail Challenge:: Run/Bike/ 12/25/50 km of beautiful forest trails this fall

Run or Bike Solo or Team, 54Km in two laps, 95% single track, described by former participants as fast, fun, gnarly, scary, no climbing, no descents, rocky, many logs, muddy, wet, dry, tough climbing, steep descents, long, and the hardest event with the best trails anywhere. This may or may not be true, but we offer you an event with a focus on fun and challenge. Free camping, Homemade Wood fired Pizza post race.

Weekend of Training:

Saturday my local teammates for the FMIJ, Marc and Andy, and I went for a 3 hour trek/run from the dam up up up to the lodge at Forbidden and then some before descending ALL the way back home via a mix of logging road and trail. Good times! A short ride before and after made my mini brick complete. Sweet golden sunshine...burned my forhead! I couldn't believe it!
Marc, Andy and Matilda stop to see if anyone is home on 'Cabin Fever'...
Came across a new trail for all of us on our exploration...WHO THE HECK rides this stuff?
Overhead by like 10 feet?! SCARY!
We hit snow and got some nice snoopy snowcone feet during the top of our trek at Forbidden...another great use for my knee high compression socks! I tried to convince the boys to wear them but didn't have much luck...
It was a 9k run with the new ELM Half Marathon Trail Clinic from the pipeline up towards the Bevan Trails on a fun out and back route.
Then the 3 of us got on the bikes and went back up to the lake...then up up up towards Forbidden to 'Upper Monkeys'...home via all the good tire munching XC Dam trails...and...
We found another NEW trail!
Yipppeee! Someone kindly cleaned up Transmission trail all the way out towards the bottom of Peckerhead (below Cable Hill) AND put in a new SUPER FLOWY track that veers off to the right and comes out beside the exit of Easy Rider. It will be a definite addition to this years Adventure Running clinic! Great uphill or downhill running or riding trail... THANK YOU to who ever you are who built it with your own hands:)
After that we rode back to the pipeline via Nymph Falls and Twister which always gets my heartrate up as I have to CARRY my bike over a tonne of wicked 'toys' that the boys like to play on. Sometimes toys break...

Nice landing...could have been worse;0

A good training weekend and lot's of time spent planning, strategizing, guessing, and chatting about our upcoming exp adventure race. We are running out of weeks to train and my tapering must begin this week for MOMAR Squamish so....that is it that is all! I am out of is what it is! Although I am disappointed that I lost over 4 weeks of my training this spring after my surgery...I have to accept my reality and say that I am soooo grateful that I have healed as fast as I have. I am so lucky to have these legs and truely know that they are a gift...not a given!

Have a great week!

Rain or shine,


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Korky said...

YEA! Thanks for finding more trails for us to explore.... You will conquer with whatever you try!