Monday, December 29, 2008

Realize your dreams: 'Poco a poco'

I am thoroughly enjoying this beautiful winter wonderland! We made it back to the Valley on Sunday after enjoying a great week visiting friends and family in Victoria. Check out my silly sister and I as we whiz down Beacon 'Hill' on a crazy carpet ... on a sheet of ice ... weeeee!'

"Poco a Poco" aka 'Bit by bit' en Espanol

ELM has had a real holiday but it is back to work today for me! I have missed my clients and it is great to reconnect after the time away, take stock of where they currently are and set the bar higher for the coming year. My clients all know the importance of goal setting (or at least why I think it is important!!) and setting new goals this January will be nothing new to them. Every few months or after a set of goals is realized we work on looking ahead and dangle a new carrot to chase. Not only do goals motivate us to continue putting one foot in front of the other, they challenge us to knock down self imposed limitations and blast through our own glass ceilings. Onward and upward folks!

Take some time this week to reflect on your own dreams and goals for the coming year. Dream big. Then start small. Break your goals down into action steps that will inspire you to continue moving in the right direction. Once you build some momentum your inertia will carry you to places you never dreamed. Believe me. I see it happen every day.

What are my goals for 2009? I have started to do some thinkin'...

Here are my race goals SO FAR in order:

1. Beat my time UP Mt. Kusam (sub 1hr 59 minutes).

2. Complete an expedition adventure race - tentatively Full Moon in June.

3. Kill my race times in both MOMARs.

4. Race in at least 1 XC or Marathon Mountain bike race.

The list will only grow...perhaps you have some suggestions for me???

I set goals for life, work and play cause that is just how I work. I am a list ticking, goal setting, type a (note little 'a') kinda gal. I continue to set big goals for ELM and I am super duper excited for you to be a part of them!

Stay tuned for ELM's new brand, new programs and new projects on 2009!

Cheers to bigger and better adventures in 2009!


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