Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Faithful Sidekick

I have had the wonderful albeit very rare gift of running with my faithful sidekick (and hands down all time favorite running buddy- sorry!) not once but twice this week!

With a break in the clinic schedule I have taken the opportunity to hit my back 40 trails with my pooch Yuki and the weather could not have been better this week! On Monday we ran a 45 min loop from the house that included my usual time trial loop to gauge my anaerobic threshold fitness. Great and suprising news at this point in the season as I took off 25 seconds from my last 6:00min trial in January!! This was a pleasant suprise and got me psyched to put together my personal training plan for 2009 this week.
On Wednesday we snuck off for another quick loop from the house - this time with GPS in hand. I am having fun with the gps and plotting out some new trails that I hope to flag and cut this winter. Yes, this is how I like to spend my spare time:)
Yuki was a trooper and stuck by my side even though he hasn't been running in months and he is only getting older. The best running buddy:) He waits for me at the corners...He checks on me if I stop or slow down...He warns me when others are approaching...He makes me laugh by acting silly...I swear he laughs at my jokes...And I have no doubt that he would fight to the death for me if I was ever in trouble. Thank you Yuki!

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