Thursday, December 11, 2008


Holiday Bootcamp Crew...just before sunrise this morning at the Comox Marina Park...our last Bootcamp class of 2008!

It is part of my mission to motivate and inspire you every day. But really, everyday I am inspired by YOU. Here is a letter from an ELM volunteer run leader after this weekends Jingle Bell Run...

Hi Sarah

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that three of our newly graduated Learn to Run ladies were at the Jingle Bell Run. They are clearly embracing their new life as a runner.

Maria and Maureen our novice runners did very well for themselves but I wanted to let you know that Danielle did so well. Her pace is really good and we did 10:1 (10:2 a couple of times) and she finished in about 56 minutes. She did such a great job and I am so proud. Kind of an emotional moment for her but now she is really spurred on to get ready for the 10K clinic in February.

What a great day for a run in the woods and we have the mud on ourselves to prove it.

Take care


I am off to Victoria tomorrow morning and then by plane, car and finally cruiseship I will make my way to Mexico for a few days of fun in the sun. Sorry...but you will need to survive without the ELM blog for 1 week...but I am sure my post cruise tales will more than make up for the break:) Search up some other blogs in your area of interest this just never know what you might find...



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