Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008...

The end of another year. Time to reflect upon where we have come from and to take stock of who we are and how much we have to be grateful for. And there is just so much...

2008 was another fantastic year for me and one that I managed to find more balance than I ever imagined. I devoted more time to travel, family and friends and finally started to figure out how to work smarter not just harder at ELM (although this year is shaping up to play out a bit differently- still hiring!).
I had a super race season and picked my favorite races to focus on- nailing the top 2 female spot in every race I entered (toot toot I know). 3 First place MOMARs, 2nd place in the Kusam Klimb and 1st female at the Log Train Trail Half. Best of all I cleaned up my races, shaved off time and continued to learn to race smarter. AND my body has been a superstar, taking it all in stride (with lots of care and recovery time). For this I am unimaginably grateful.

At ELM we had another wonderful year...our 7th and most fun yet! I could list highlights from each day or week of the past year but don't worry ... I won't! Instead, here is my:


1. Super Fast and Super Cool ELM Race Jerseys released!

2. Team ELM Women swipes Silver at Snow2Surf!

3. ELM Members snowshoe extravaganza at Coastal Trek Lodge!

4. ELM Women kick but at the Victoria Times Colonist 10k!

5. Sarah contributes to Canadian Running - the best new mag in Canada!

6. ELM Women West Coast Fitness Retreat (the best so far!)

7. ELM Trail Runners kick up dust at the Log Train Trail!

8. Elk River Falls trail run led by Cindy Steuart in August!

9. ELM Raises over $300 and a kitchen full of food for our Christmas Hamper!

10. Oh Yeah and Team ELM Women kick snow and score 2nd in the YETI!

??? What do YOU think was the best of ELM in 2008??? Let me know!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year...Health and Happiness in 2009!



PS See you next year:)

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