Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not in Kansas...

Woah!  What a welcome home!  Got a real shock getting off the plane and stepping into a subzero winter wonderland!  Our timing couldn't have been better for the trip as blizzard conditions cancelled flights before and after we got off the ground in both directions.   We got into Victoria last night and I have decided not to drive up island for my 2 day work week as the forcast is for more snow and I am sure the highway is full of carnage (I drove down island last week in a blizzard doing 40kph with the rest of traffic and witnessed countless accidents).    

So here I am at my sisters home looking out at a winterscape in Beacon Hill Park...with nothing but flipflops and my lululemon pants to wear cause the airline lost our luggage!!!:))) eiyeiyeiyei...

A quick update for ya:  The cruise was a riot and we had a 'fabulous time darling'.  Never in my life did I ever imagine myself on a cruiseship but voila there I was with my 5 cousins, 2 sisters and the grandpuba of it all my grandpa on a 14 story cruiseship (along with 2400 other passengers and 1200 crew).  7 days...3 sweet days in Mexico...plenty of guacamole and margaritas...cabaret shows...gourmet meals...and plenty of memories to last us for a while:) 

So I am staying in Victoria at my sisters and the office will open up again after Christmas on the 29th.  Program registration for January adventures is ongoing so be sure to check out the website for all the details::

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family:)  Merry Christmas!

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