Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, Bryan Tasaka is slowly leaking bits of information to racers such as myself who are hungry for details about the NEW Cumberland MOMAR course. Here is the most recent update from the MOMAR website:

The Inside Scoop from the Race Director
Aug 20/08 - COURSE UPDATE: Event
Director, Bryan Tasaka, just returned from four days in Cumberland finalizing
the course. Here's what he can tell you: 1) Distance ~40km; 2) It will feature 1
kayak stage, 3 trekking stages & 2 bike stages; 3) the single-track riding
REGISTRATION STATUS: Registration continues on its steady climb
towards a sell out. We are now sitting on 175 so that leaves just 75 spots left.
Regular registration fees end on Aug 27th at midnight so that rush may take us
close to our target.
DO YOU NEED A DOUBLE KAYAK? If you are having trouble
finding a double kayak to rent, please email me at If I can get enough people on a
list, I can try to source out a supplier to bring out a fleet.
IS THERE A SHORT COURSE? A short course will not be added to this course. However, the course will feature two optional advanced sections. If you were to skip these sections, the course distance would be much like a slightly extended short
course. You will miss out on doing the two big climbs in the course making it
very 'doable' for anyone -- especially if you did the short course at the
Shawnigan Lake MOMAR. The only catch is that you must do the 9km kayak leg and you will be ranked behind everyone that completes these stages.

And he also added:

It will only have one kayak leg
It will have a real orienteering stage
We may bring out the pool noodles (if we get nice weather)
The finish
line is going to rock

The wheels are a turnin'...


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