Saturday, August 23, 2008

Elk Falls Canyon Run

What a great day! ELM Adventure Runner, Cindy S, took us on a scenic route from Elk Falls in Campbell River today. 4 ELM runners (Cindy, Korky, Joli and I) met at the main parking lot for Elk Falls and Cindy toured us around a big 10k loop that took us across the river over a high rise canyon bridge (150 feet up at least!).

The route took us down down down to the river...then along the rivers edge where we counted numerous fly fisherman...then up up up back to the top of the canyon. The trees were what took my breathe away (and the wicked hill climbing of course!). HUGE 500-800 year old Doug Firs and Cedars lined the trail at many points. It is rare to see giants like these in such an accessible area - anywhere but Cathedral Grove.

Finally after looping back to the parking lot Cindy took us back down for another loop to view the actual Elk Falls...amazing! I can't believe I have never been here before! A true gem that Campbell River has kept a great secret:) Get up there soon if you have not seen this amazing Provincial Park yet.
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Thanks for an awesome run Cindy!!


Korky said...

Yes thanks ladies for a great run! Enjoyed the treats after as well.

The Sénéchals said...

You mean I've been somewhere you haven't? Or hadn't? Elk Falls really is great...glad you discovered it :) I miss running with you guys so much!

Sarah said...

Hey Kim! We miss you too! Maybe you can come running with us on Monday mornings or Thursday nights this fall?
See you soon!