Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday!

Lovely Leaders! This pic was taken at Williams Beach just before our Thursday night Adventure Run. We were all wearing the same 'womens' logo shirts so I couldn't resist a group shot of the fabulous volunteer run leaders!

It has been a stellar week in the Valley and we have been lovin' the sweet summer sunshine!
This weekend there are some super fun things to do:

Big Time Out Music Festival in Cumberland

Gutbuster Ascent 3km hill run at Mt Washington

Log Train Trail Race in Port Alberni.
Full, 1/2 marathon or 10 runs start at 8am on Sunday. A group of ELM participants are carpooling for a daytrip on Sunday: Leaving Starbucks at 6am sharp. Join us for the fun! We are planning a post race picnic and swim at Stamp Creek- beautiful deep emerald green pools of fresh river water...perfect for a post race dip!
Here is a recap of my week of adventures:
Sunday 8k taper run followed by a yummy post clinic Atlas breaky:)
Monday 1.5 hour XC bike ride to Seal Bay...Calisthenics
Tuesday 1.5hour Hike with Womens Summer Hiking! Up 'Pain is your friend' and down 'Bics'
Tuesday night Womens Summer Hiking...pose patiently for their leader:)

Volunteer Leader, Darla cruises across the KMA bridge:)

Joanne and Gillian add a rock to this inukshuk...2010?

Wednesday: Rat Ride XC in Cumberland...wicked hot climb on the new logging road up to the top of 'Bear Buns' then all the way down, across 'Robs' Bridge, around TeaPot and then down to Allan Lake for the best swim of the year:)))))...Calesthenics

Thursday: Adventure Run! 1.25hours with sand running, hill repeats and fast paced trail training.

Friday: Perseverance Trail Run scouting with Terry Lewis.

Terry and I loaded up our packs with 20 + pounds of nails and we both acted as pack horses to finish off a wicked bridge at the top of Bear Buns. We rode up the logging road to the end of Buns and then rode/hike a biked up to Robs Bridge. From there we hiked up another 500meters to work on a bypass trail on Buns-that will allow me to hopefully ride this entire trail clean next time! We hacked, ripped and bootscreef'd out the bypass then I humped the entire pack of nails up another couple of kms to the top of the trail. After trail clearing we GPS'd some new sections that we are hoping to put in this years Perseverance Trail Run. As you may or may not know, Bucket of Blood has been logged and in it's place is a new VERY FUN VERY SCENIC Bear Buns trail. We played around on 'Off Broadway', Short and Curly and Shaker.

Then I had to bail out as I had a physio appointment with Brenda at Ascent Physiotherapy. She has been helping me put my cervical spine back in place. Very fun. Thanks Brenda!

Saturday- plans to be a rest day:) as my legs have just started feeling heavy this week so I must give them a rest.

Sunday- Log Train Trail 21km in Port!

Have a great weekend!


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