Sunday, August 3, 2008

23km Loop

Way to go ELM endurance runners!

Today we had a small but fierce crew out for the longest run of our summer Half Marathon Clinic...23km (ish:). The gang completed the distance with big smiles and positive energy to spare. Congrats to Sandy and Jean on their new distance...welcome to the over 20 club! We ran a fantastic route that linked together many of our shorter routes from the summer clinic. Starting near Puntledge Park we ran up the Pipeline and along the Puntledge river (Bevan Trails) to the Comox Lake Dam (approx 10.5km) then it was downhill all the way via the Bears Bait trails, Nymph Falls, Twister and finally home on the Pipeline once again (approx 12.5km).

An ice cold soak in the river made our feet happy and soothed our muscles after a good long run. Let Taper Time begin! The Log Train Trail 1/2 marathon in Port Alberni awaits... August 17th 8am!

See you there!


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