Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Outbound Collective: 7 Leave No Trace Principles

I am excited to share my most recent article from The Outbound Collective- be sure to follow the link below and head on over to this great online resource for inspiration, education and motivation to help you plan your next outdoor adventure.


7 Leave No Trace Principles to Respect the Wild

Take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints


More and more people are stepping off the grid and into the wild to experience the beauty of the back country and to enjoy what mother nature has to offer. Connecting with the wilderness makes us better humans and I hope to see the 'outdoor' movement continue to grow. With increased numbers, however, comes the potential for increased impact on the beautiful wild spaces we seek to enjoy in their natural state. Those of us who travel into the wilderness share the responsibility of helping to preserve it. Knowing, following and sharing 'Leave No Trace' etiquette is the best way we can show our respect for the wild spaces that bring us so much joy. Here are 7 Leave No Trace principles to practice on your next adventure.

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