Friday, March 7, 2014

Videos: Friday Film Fest!

Happy Friday!
I hope you have a weekend filled with fun fitness adventures awaiting you!  If not, here are some films to inspire you to get outside and play...let the weekend begin!

Magnus Manson - here is the latest video from the Coastal Crew about an up and coming downhiller who is working hard to reach his riding dreams.  Inspiring young guy with some sweet singletrack eye candy to boot!  Thanks to for sharing.

Mountain Hardwear- 'Days you Remember' trailer.  This looks to be a promising outdoor adventure series of short films coming soon from Mountain Hardwear.  Check out the first sneak peek to see what you think!

Days You Remember from Mountain Hardwear on Vimeo.

Man vs Bike from and c/o the Adventure Blog:)  Who do you think will win? This video comes our way courtesy of Berghaus. It pits ultrarunner Philippe Gatta against mountain biker Rob Jarman:) 

Buchanan 'On Air' Series Trailer c/o MTB4her Blog.  Looks like another good series to check out- this time featuring Caroline Buchanan as she takes on BMX Supercross Wold Cup and the BMX World Championships in 2014.  There are bound to be some good pump track moves in store!

Biggest Balls of the Year:  Hawstone Park Hillbillies co/ .  This one is just for s%^&s and giggles...mute this one if you have children in the room;)  Not sure how to describe this just push play;)

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