Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are you ready for a Full On Challenge?


Are you ready for a Challenge?   If you are ready to make your health, fitness & nutrition a top priority, you will want to check out Equilibrium Lifestyle Management's next Full On Fitness &Nutrition Challenge.

This 10-week lifestyle change program is based on personalized coaching services with Kinesiologist Sarah Seads, of ELM, who has been offering the program for over 10 years in the Comox Valley. Originally, only offered to ELM's Bootcamp participants, the Challenge is now accessible to anyone ready to make changes to their health and fitness.

ELM's Full On Fitness & Nutrition Challenge includes before and after coaching sessions, a detailed personal fitness & nutrition plan, fitness testing and body composition assessments to track progress, weekly e-coaching sessions, education, nutrition tracking, accountability and support.

This unique Challenge allows participants to complete the program on their own, online or in conjunction with ELM's 'Fitness Adventures'. Many ELM Challengers now complete the program online from other communities.

Joe, a recent ELM Challenger saw significant changes in his fitness and body composition during his 10 week program, losing 27 pounds, 9 inches and 8% body fat.

My life has changed dramatically. Not just physically but mentally. I have energy with a renewed enthusiasm for health and fitness. I am noticeably stronger in "real world activities" and can maintain a higher output. A large part of that success was having someone to hold me accountable and to motivate me along the way.  I often thought about not wanting to disappoint, not only Sarah, but others who were in the challenge. ”  

Committing to the ELM's Full On Fitness & Nutrition Challenge will keep participants accountable and transform their health inside and out. The next Challenge begins April 7th and participants can go to for more information and to get started!
Deadline for registration is April 2nd...

Here are some real Challenge stories of success to inspire you! 

 "My life has changed dramatically." Read how Joe made record changes to his health and fitness during his first ELM Challenge, losing 27 pounds, 9 inches and 8% body fat!

"A Challenge Story", an interview with one of our successful participants, to learn how this 10-week program helped him reach his goals. 

"I feel proud that I completed the Challenge." Learn why this 'already active' Challenger joined and how the program changed her health and fitness. 

Sarah Seads
Owner, Equilibrium Lifestyle Management

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