Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lose It!

How is it going folks?

Still focused on the prize? Are your goals still crystal clear? I hope so...it is only January 10th LOL!

If weight management is on your list of goals for 2012 then you are not alone. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is on everyone's mind this time of year. And so it should be- all year! We know the benefits of staying at at healthy weight- I don't have to preach to the choir so to speak. Go ahead and list 5 health benefits right now...

So we all know WHY...

And really, we all know the basic formula for HOW...calories in vs calories out... you need to create and stick to your personal calorie budget. How do you know what your budget is? The simple answer is:

If you are gaining weight and you don't want to, you are over budget.

If you are losing weight and you don't want to, you are under budget.

Simple right? Well...that is cuz it is.

I know I know... you 'eat really well'...and 'eat really healthy'...and 'rarely eat junk food'...Good for you- that is awesome! But...it is not only WHAT you eat...but WHEN you eat...and most importantly HOW MUCH you eat.

No whining that your calorie budget is so much smaller than your friend Susie or your husband John...genetics are a b*&^% LOL. Of course you can alter your metabolic rate with more exercise, eating frequent small meals, increasing muscle mass, training your body to burn more fat as fuel etc... But you still need to work within your own personal budget.

If it is accountability and a reality check that you need then you are in luck! There are a wide range of fantastic online programs that track activity and nutrition and give you instant feedback on your progress. My two faves are:

So easy to use...so effective...and such simple tools for reaching your goals! Some people find they need to track their activity and food intake over the long term in order to stay within their healthy budget. Is that so bad? I don't think so. I think that is a small price to pay for long term success, health and longevity. We are always told to track our finances, stick to a budget and stay focused on our financial goals each day/week/month...so why do we beat ourselves up when we need to use the same system for our weight? You can't always do it on will power alone- don't believe that for a minute! There are great tools out there...don't judge your motivation...be happy when you find something that works and go for it!

Cheers and happy weight management,


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