Monday, July 25, 2011

Holy Crap

The title of this blog works for 2 posts...1 about a fave cereal of mine and 2 how I am feeling about my 'Plan X' race this weekend...

Let's start with HOLY CRAP the cereal...

I first saw this cool local product on the Dragons Den CBC show- where a couple living on the Sunshine Coast struck it bigtime on the show and blew their little farmers market business into the bigtime food industry.

I wanted to support the locals so I picked up a bag at Quality Foods in Comox this spring. I LOVE it! It is not really a cereal but more of a 'topping/supplement' for your regular morning bowl. It contains 2 important foods: Chia seeds and Hemp Hearts. These are organic and hold benefits that you don't find in your usual granola mix. Chia and Hemp hearts are both high in vegetarian protein AND Essential Fatty Acids- specifically Omega 3s. Chia also soaks up liquid and makes a gelatenous coating which seems to keep you feeling full longer.

I add 1-2 tbs to my morning bowl of yogurt and/or granola every day.

Now onto the other use of HOLY CRAP as in:

HOLY CRAP What have I gotten myself into?

I spent last week pouring over ultra sites and blogs searching for a replacement event to burn off my pent up energy after the Fat Dog 100 was cancelled. On a whim I contacted the RD of the Canadian Death Race to beg and plead and see if I could wiggle my way into this sold out event.

Be careful what you wish for.

The Fat Dog and CDR race directors worked out a tranfer of registration for FD soloists and voila...I am signed up for a 125km foot race in Grande Cache Alberta next weekend. 80k...125k...meh!

Oh Merde.

I hope my mum doesn't read this blogpost.

My flights are booked, my campsite is reserved and my (insane) girlfriend Jen & I will be heading from Kamloops to GC this Friday on a ridiculous road trip to the Death Race. I am over the top lucky to have a friend as nutz as me to jump on board and support me on my Death March:)

Check it out online and you should be able to track us as we move (slowly) through the mountains of Alberta...race starts 8am Saturday and we have 24 hours to complete 125kms...

Getting excited!

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Indigo Eve said...

"Holy Crap!"

It also makes an excellent response to your blog...particularly the plan X part!