Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now what?


In late winter I picked a new goal for 2011...set my sights on a 'big run' this summer and got to work training.

In the spring I strained my calf badly and spent weeks recovering and rehabing from a series of irritating injuries (and spent hundreds of dollars on physio, massage and acupuncture in the process:). I got better and got back to work better late than never.

I ran in the rain. I ran in the snow. I ran after biking. I ran before running. I forced myself to run alone in the woods and overcame some solo fears out of necessity (not everyone is keen to run for 8 hours on a Saturday morning).

I skipped Friday night bevies and Saturday morning sleep ins. I even spent half a day running during a stagette weekend- how dedicated is that?!

I bought a fancy new nightlight. I filled the freezer with homemade energy balls and bars and loaded up on race food for the big event this weekend.

Yesterday I found out that my race, the Fat Dog 100, was cancelled due to snow conditions and I will not be heading to Manning Park to run my first 80k in the alpine afterall. Funny thing is this mega dump of snow that made so many people smile from ear to ear this winter is not bringing on a smile for racers this summer LOL!

It has been a great spring/summer running journey for sure.

But...it's kinda anti-climactic dontchathink?

So, now what? I have energy to burn so we will have to see where my feet will take me...perhaps into reality to catch up on life, home, love, work...

Or perhaps...

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