Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 Weeks in Pics

*View of the Comox Glacier from the top of Mt. Becher on July 17th...

It has been 2 weeks of summer bliss and I have been too busy playing to blog! I am sure you will forgive me when you see what I have been up to...paradise in the Valley!

On the 17th I decided to do a scout run up Becher to check the snow again...snow started at the half way point but was easy to trek over- wet wet wet however! These are the only flowers that had appeard! Mid July and no berries on the blueberry bushes yet!

The view from the top is amazing...snow on the way up...

Earlier that day I led an Orienteering workshop at Nymph Falls Park... SO FUN!

On Mondays I have been doing Adventure Running scouting runs with the fearless ELM Leaders...we have created some fantastic routes for you this summer!

Last Saturday am, Liz and I ran from Mt. Washington to Forbidden Plateau via the Murray Meadows Traverse...27kms 4hours and many many puddles and creeks and blueberry bush scrapes later we had a fantastic run in the mountains:)

After the BIG run it was time to get home and clean up for my backyard martini party! I have some new favorites...hello Lychee martinia! Thanks for the idea Gen!

Brad has been busy 'hunting' while I have been busy 'gathering' pounds of berries for the freezer. He has been bringing home a tonne of beautiful salmon so I have been running the smoker 24hours a day! YUM!

More lovely leader scouting runs...

Unbelievable sunrises at early Bootcamp on the beach...

View from top of Becher!
Gotta run!

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