Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Arrives

Summer has finally arrived and I have been making the most of every sweeeet (sweaty) minute! I LOVE it. Hurray for SUMMER!

Here is my week in pics...I must say, I really do love my job...summer is really just the icing on the cake when you work outdoors...

Nikki, Marc and I ride Screamin Deamin on Canada Day...OH CANADA! We love you! Trails are dry, rocks are super grippy, wildflowers are still lining the trails:)

'Indian's Paintbrush' on Mt Becher last Friday...Pascale and I went up to do a 'recci' of the trail as I was planning to take the Peru Crew up for their July training go! Deep snow right at the entrance to the park! Will be weeks before it melts and the trail is clear. You can still get to the top as the snowpack is firm, but it will be slippery and squishy and you should know the route as the snow covers the cairns.

Jack our scout buddy on Forbidden...

Monday working on bike skills and fitness with a client on the pipeline..summer in full effect and we were taking full advantage during our training session!

Monday evening clearing trail with Kathy & Lynn during our Adventure Running scout run above the dam. Love heading out with my fearless leaders to uncover new routes for our participants...always an adventure!

Lynn finally got to see the cabin on 'Cabin Fever'! Well worth the climb...

Beautiful towering maples and douglas firs in Seal Bay Park on Tuesday evening...during the first hike of our Womens Summer Hiking Series! The shade of this amazing forest kept us cool during our first weekly hike.

Wednesday I hit the water in the afternoon for a paddle training session with a client who is training for a big expedition paddling trip to Greenland next month. Zone 3 intervals 5 on 4 off * 4...while TOWING ME! That's right...

Here is the proof that I was being towed in a kayak for work this week...all I needed was a cooler and a cold brewski! Looking strong Janine!

Wednesday night ride with the Rats and our first warm night meant the first swim of the year in Allan Lake! I didn't think I would go in- even after 2 hours riding in the 30 degree heat. But the water is like a bath!

So that is pure summer!

Thursday night Adventure Running summer series kicks off with a scorcher! Lisa, Korky, Cindy and I grab a drink and soak our burning brains in the beautiful creek below Sykes bridge. Amazing!

Heading home via Broncos Perseverance! Great hill run ladies!

Post Adventure Run - Yoga bliss with Deb Rolston. Every summer we wrap up our Adventure Runs with Outdoor Yoga in the park. 45 minutes of bliss...


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