Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BC Bike Race Pics

Ok Ok I have to admit it...

I played hookie on Monday for a couple of hours with my girlfriend Cathy T:)) The BC Bike Race came through Cumberland yesterday!! It is not very often that you can catch a glimpse of world class athletes in action in your own backyard so we just HAD to get out there!

On the way to Cumberland we stopped by Ashberry farm on Royston road and did a power-pick session in the strawberry patch! Loaded up with juicy snacks we trucked into the final trail for the Cumberland stage of the epic 7 day BC BR. We found a perch atop a little technical corner in the whoopdeedoos on Space Nugget and settled in for some serious cheering.

We saw all the top racers in action! It was super fun and I could have sat there taking photos and screaming my lungs out all day...but I did have to go to work at some point! My throat was sore for the rest of the day:) Here are some of my favs...

World Champ- Geoff Kabush with his team mate Catharine Pendrell (below) rip through the whoopdeedoos!
Catherine was smiling on the way down!

Look ma no hands...and only one wheel! YES...look closely and you will see Chris Holm one of the worlds best unicyclers...on a flipping UNICYCLE and kicking arse in our trails!


One of the top female riders...Melanie McQuaid by the looks of things! Correct me if I am wrong! Kicking but on the whoopdeedoos!

Team of 2 ripping it up...

Splash through the creek then on to the finish line for day 2! Only 5 more days to go!
FYI I am currently seeking sponsorship for the BCBR 2011!!! Call my agent if you want to talk!

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