Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MEC Bikefest!


I had a great trip down island with plenty of family time, shopping time and park strolling time:) I am slowly recovering from my torn calf in the MOMAR and I was pleased to be able to walk with my family on our usual Beacon Hill Park adventures:) It was nice to not have to think about fitting in my training for once and just enjoy my family and a relaxing weekend in Vic.

I can walk pain free now! And I can ride a bike at a moderate resistance too! I even ran for about 8 minutes this morning with my Bootcamp class:) That part is going to take a bit longer by the feel of things...

Sunday morning we set up on the stage at MEC Bikefest! The weather was touch and go but the rain held off thankfully until later in the afternoon. The crowd and equipment stayed dry for my little presentation anyways!

I shared some of my Adventure Racing tales and training tips - titled: Top 10 Things NOT to do in an Adventure Race:) I will be posting that along with photos and a little video later this week so stay tuned and check back!

Bikefest is a great community event - free bike tune ups, information on local clubs, events, trails etc. There were some cool speakers there including an amazing family of 5 (3 kids including 1 that was maybe 3 years old) who are riding 1 giant tandem bike from Kentucky all the way to Alaska! They are crazy...about biking!

There were a tonne of things going on this past weekend in Vic and all over the Island... Congrats to the following ELMers on their island races this weekend!

Audrey Erlandson & Rob Dumonceau - Shawnigan Lake Half Ironman!!
Lo Lanning, Arran Sherbourne...who else?? Comox Valley Tri K Triathlon!!

Way to go you superstars!

Next up...KUSAM KLIMB training is running out! For those of you in town and in need of some KLIMB training be sure to join us at Adventure Running the next 2 Thursdays as we will be climbing up a storm!

Saturday- First BIG group training hike for our Womens Peru Trip! Time to put those boots and poles to work as we go for our first BIG climb... 3 months until Peru!!

Now...BIKE to work!


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