Saturday, February 20, 2010


What a wonderful week of sunshine and dirt!!

Last Sunday I began a recovery week in my own training and so I chose to do most of my riding and running on my own - to check my speed and avoid tempation:)

It also happened to be the most amazing sunshiney and warm February week I can remember. It has been like spring out there and I can't get enough:) I have been on a sunshine HIGH all week!

Warm sunshine meant I could peel back the thermal layers and shed my gloves and toque for a week. Although I am not going to be fooled by mother nature, the spring temps have been a wonderful reminder of what is yet to come in the next few months...

SOLO walks with my sweet brown dog Yuki...

SOHIGH : spoiled ourselves with an evening at the Kingfisher spa last Friday...I got the extra large spa robe and slippers some how...

SOLO Last Sunday I did a short 90minute XC on my own in the afternoon sunshine in place of my rat ride.

SOLO Weds night I had to say goodbye to the indoor trainer and ride my bike in the trails of Cumberland. NO WAY could I pass up a ride in the sunshine February! The days are finally long enough for me to get an after work ride in if I can sneak away early...

Look at this amazing sunset view of the Valley, the Straight, and the Coastal range...2010 festivities in the distance...

SOHIGH I had the special treat of riding with one of the Valleys cutest downhillers on Friday afternoon...Kelly Rollof! Those who know Kelly know that she can RIP it up faster than most of the guys-even 7 weeks after having her second child. She is an ex downhill racer and I was lucky enough to get some coaching from this dirtygirl:) Thank you Kelly for changing my reality on the steeps! You made my day, my week and my year so far- in just one ride!

SOHIGH Our newest
ELM Membership Sponsor is a 'perfect fit'. Lotuswear has arrived in the Valley and their gear is beautiful yet perfectly functional for us westcoasters.
Lee, owner of the new Lotuswear store on Fitzgerald (by Greenwood pies) asked me to try out some of her clothes and I gratefully accepted the challenge today!
By Saturday I had zero clean running tights left in my drawer. And although it was nearly 10 degrees today I wasn't quite brave enough to put on the shorts.
So, I figured what a great time to try out my new Lotuswear crops! Although they are not designed for running (relaxed fit, loose pockets, flared legs) I have worn my Lulus as a last resort in the past so I decided to do a comparison run.
They were awesome! The fabric is so soft, and the wide flat waist/hip band kept them up the entire time...even though they don't have a drawstring. So...10/10 these are my new favorite relaxin and chillin out pants for sure. They are perfect for Yoga, stretching and core as I found out during my last SCORE class as well.
I was so excited about my new pants that I dove from the sky...
Pascale & Jack- thank you for a wonderful run in the sunshine today!!

Tomorrow it is back to the training plan and time to push to the next level. Can't wait!
Cheers and have a wonderful sunshiney weekend.

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