Friday, January 8, 2010


Good morning sunshine! Liz and I run the trails of Cumby before daybreaks.

Today was a good day.
It began full of promise as I vowed to put my head down and power through the final edits (re-edits actually) of my book. But then Liz wanted to go for a run...and Pascale wanted to go for a ride...

I was feeling a wee bit sad for not spending hour after hour on my book. But, looking back now, even though I didn't get to tick very many things of my 'list' it turned out to be a good day anyways.
Faithful sneakers at first light on the lower Perseverance Creek Bridge.
Liz flying down the trail.
Steam from our warm running bodies drifts upward.

Morning light breaks.

If the morning was a dream run at daybreak, this afternoon was a SURVIVAL ride in west coast hell for sure.

By the time Pascale and I got on our bikes it was a complete downpour. Cats and dogs. It was warm but wet...or so I thought.

An hour and a half and a good XC ride (plus Tomato Creek) under out belts and I found myself with a little problem...

I had no hands, no lips and no feet. I couldn't take pictures and we didn't want to stop long enough to get the camera out.

I felt as though I had put my extremeties in the deep freeze and that treatment does not work very well while mountain biking. There is no pain like frozen digit pain. But Pascale came to the rescue with extra layers and I managed to scream my way home the last few kms through the muck, rain and pools of freshly collected winter rain.

Although I was close to losing my mind at times during that deep freeze ride of tears, of course it made me stronger, us closer and it made for a good story:)

Have a wonderful weekend!



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