Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hellooooo Friday!

5:00am...rise and shine!

Another note on my front door...from some cool site that karen mckinnon got me onto a couple of years ago...I should look that up and post it...stay tuned...

6:00-11:30am STRAIGHT...COMPUTER TIME. MASS creation and list ticking going on today! Fridays I don't see clients or teach classes so that I can work work work on my list list list. Today I put together and edited some inspiring client stories for my upcoming book...can't wait to share them with you! Then I completed some fitness assessment and body composition results for clients...then created some new training programs for new clients...then...I swear there was more...

11:30...walk the dog and get some fresh air with Brad and Yuki!

The ducks were looking for handouts at the back 40 pond...

12:00 have lunch and pack up my car for my afternoon...of groceries, optomotrist and biking!

Optomotrist appt...this is only the second time in my life that I have been to see an eye doctor. I don't wear glasses nor do I need them at this point. In fact I was told today that I have BETTER than 20/20 vision! HA! Passed my tests with flying colours:)

I wasn't there to check my vision, however. I was there to check in on a little issue that I have on my right is called a Pterygium (spell?) and sounds like terigium. It is a (kind gross) growth on the surface of my eye that is like a scar built up. Back in 2003 I suffered the old 'stick in the eye' while running down an avalanche chute while using an emergency escape route on a fire near Princeton. Long story short blog! That eye poke ended up damaging my eye and they think that combined with overdoses of sunlight cause this little critter to pop up the following year.

It doesn't effect my vision but they are watching it to make sure that it doesn't grow and spread and mess with my sight. So far so good!

The doc took some super close up photos of my eye today and you can see the actual vascularization of this has it's own blood supply! That is it on the left of the photo...see all the red lines creeping into the edge of my iris? It's alive!

Time to get some new polarized shades to protect my photo sensitive eyes. What do you think? Are they me?

3:00pm-5:00pm Friday afternoon date with Pascale and our dirty little bikes...on our favorite XC route...along the Puntledge River...up Tomato Creek and all the way back:)

Bluebird sky day...unbelievable...January? Really?

I have to stop taking these self head is always way bigger than anyone elses...

Woah Nelly! Ran into some trusty steeds on the could they giddyup...

Done the ride snack...drink...gab...then off to rehydrate...

HA! Decisions decisions...

6:00pm I am on a mission with Brad...we are driving on some back road in Merville...searching for the famous 'perogie lady' ...
Luck was on our side and we feasted on home made perogies tonight!

7:00-8:00pm Canada for Haiti...I was moved to pick up the phone and donate what I could tonight. I have had it in the back of my head to look into donating all week and this show came on at just the right time. Go there ... be great ... be Canadian:)

8:00...Half full? Most definitely:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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