Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pics and Results are in for MOMAR

Hello again!
Bryan has posted the pics and results to the MOMAR website from this past weekends race and you can check them out at: http://www.mindovermountain.com/momar/past_races/past_races.htm

Here was my race breakdown with some tidbits:
Paddle 1:15 ... Thank you to Comox Valley Kayaks and to Jack Campbell for loaning his wingblade paddle to me...I was actually able to keep up a good pace:)
Orienteering 0:41 ... 1 fruit bar ... plenty of line ups.
Bike 1:30 ... 1 pack cliffe shot blocks ... loads of amazing views.
Trek 1:23 ...3/4 cup pretzels & 1 Chocolate Gu ... good times, great views.
Bike #2 0:21 ...1/2 pack cliffe shot blocks ... last chance energy blast.
Village Navigation 0:12 ... pathetic time due to a struggle to find the first CP hidden in No. 6 Miners park=).
Finish Time 5:23:58 ... 1st solo female...14th place overall... priceless:)

Here are some pics from Tony Austin http://www.pbase.com/autie/:

Making a move on the Orienteering course...

Moving from the final bike to the final Village Nav...where the hell are we?

Put your bike down first... THEN run:)

Kathy Campbell and Fred Bigelow finish their first full MOMAR!!!!!



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