Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Storm of the far

Wow! Monday I not only woke up to a nasty flubug but also to the storm of the year! All night the wind howled and by morning the damage became apparent...carnage in Comox. Brad had to go out and check it all out so I bundled out and he took me on a tour of the aftermath of the storm. We could only make it to one beach-The Spit as the rest were totally inaccessable due to downed trees and live wires on the roads. Crazyness! I feel for all of you who just got power...or are still waiting! Check out these pics that Brad snapped...

Goose Spit...storm surge! Normally a gentle lapping of the waves at this beach...

Comox Marina...sad sad loss of a boat-here it was sinking as the owners watched it go...

Here is a short video of the tail end of the storm at Goose out for sea foam!



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