Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Smoke, Fire & Dirt

Recently I was going through my favorite photographs to select my top 3 for presentation at my photography course (chicks who click with Karen McKinnon) and I got stuck sitting and thinking about my years firefighting with the BCFS.
I spent 5 amazing years as a seasonal forest fire fighter and member of a Rapattack crew(rappelling out of helicoptors to access remote lightning caused fires), based in Salmon Arm. I managed to take along my camera during my final 2 years and tried to capture the beauty amongst the smoke fire and dirt. I only wish that I had taken more photos...but that is how hindsight works isn't it?
I have posted a few of my favorites below. I am loving the blog if for nothing more than to brag about my most memorable experiences and adventures. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak inside the firelines...S

Kickin up dust as we head back to camp.

The amazing women of Rapattack 2001

Suiting up to rappel into fire near White Swan Park, Invermere.

The hero's of firefighting...air tanker near Nakusp.

My good friend Lisa...Bootcamp 98 survivor! Seen here, smiling as usual.
Walking patrol along the highway near Falkland.
The first fire to take homes and structures during that wicked summer of 2003.
Hurry up and wait.


Karen said...

I love seeing these- how fun to share your photos and your past. You know I think the last one is Killer!

Sarah said...

Hey Karen! Thanks for the note:) I wish I had more opportunities to share my firefighting stories...don't want to lose them:)