Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Log Train Trail 2007!

Well done Kim, Lisa, Korky and Tony!! Congratulations on finishing the Log Train Trail 1/2 marathon (that's 21kms for those who don't know) in Port Alberni on Sunday! After 14-weeks of Sunday morning runs you were more than ready for this awesome trail course. Here are some words from the racers themselves...
"….we arrived just as the race was starting and I had to gallop to catch up with the runners , and didn’t have time to properly seat my camelpack - the bladder promptly fell out between my feet and I managed to boot it into a puddle of manure… …anyway, managed to brush off and reassemble the whole unit on the trot, and caught up with Corky & Lisa. By this time, I was in an ecstasy of rage(at... um...dare-I-say... husband for being late), so had a huge adrenalin burst to boost me along for the first 10k! The next 10k were a little more tough and the final 2 completed only by virtue of fantasizing about the smorgasbord at the end of the trail. Crossed the finish line at 10:12 by my watch, but a friend told me they started the race 5 minutes late, so think I made around 2:07..."Kim C
"It was a fun run. Perfect weather but lots of puddle dodging. Korky and I ran together and came in around two hours as planned. I felt really good...Thanks for all your good coaching." Lisa P
Haven't tried this awesome off-road half yet? Join us in May of 2008 for our 4th annual clinic!

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