Friday, January 31, 2014

Videos: Weekend Inspiration!

It's Friday people!  And the sun is shining to boot!  Here are a few video's to lighten your load and inspire you to tackle your adventures this weekend!  Enjoy!

Check out  'Simmons and Vanderham' in Rocky Mountains most viewed will have you cutting out of work early to hit the trails today!

Banzai Pipeline Winter 2013.  Eric Sterman takes us into the sky and above the break on the North Shore of Oahu.  Amazing video of North Shore surfing from the view of a drone camera.  Even if you have never surfed a wave in your life, you will enjoy the cinematography.

 Mega from behind from Ralf Shupp.  Follow behind the final racer, to witness the carnage from this insane mountain bike race in France.  Thanks to the folks at The Adventure Blog for sharing this one!

'How to be a road biker' from NSMB.  Awesome follow up to their classic 'How to be a mountain biker'.  You must watch these if you spend time on two wheels:).

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