Friday, January 24, 2014

Videos: Weekend Inspiration!

Happy Friday!
Whether you are planning to run an ultra, ride with your friends, head up the mountain or get out for a walk with your dog, these videos will provide fuel for your adventures this weekend!  Like the blog?  Feel free to share with your friends!


The worlds fastest trail dog!  If you like will LOVE this video:)  Go Kaia Go!
From NSMB.

A very cold story indeed.  Follow European mountain bikers Ausilia Vistarini and Sebastiano Favaro on their wild journey over the 1800 km (1100 mile) Iditarod trail in the dead of winter.
From  The Adventure Blog.

The Mother - Salomon Running TV. For all of the wild women out there who combine running and motherhood:)  And, perhaps even more so, it is for all of the rest who know one;)


Powpow.  Not just for skiiers, this is a beautiful short film for anyone who appreciates the beauty of winter:)  Take a few minutes to enjoy this one for sure;)
From The Adventure Blog.

Need some training inspiration?  Check out how Anneke Beerten is preparing for her 2014 mountain bike race season.
From mtb4her.

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