Thursday, January 9, 2014

Open Season at the Gym

Back to work after xmas break for me means a fully booked calendar, assessments and re-asssessments, new goals, new programs and navigating through gyms bursting with ambitious resolutioners, high on powerful 'new year-new you' motivation.  The energy is high, the humidity is up and the contraindicated moves are in full effect!  I love January!

Many years ago I learned to never give advice in the gym unless I have been asked to do so- but this is my blog so I am gonna give some right here lol;)   It's Open Season at the Gym so I thought I would have a little fun with it...don't take me too seriously...but SERIOUSLY!

Groaning, moaning, grunting, screaming, yelling or whatever else you want to call it is on the list of prohibited substances in public gyms.  It may work for Serena Williams at Wimbledon but it doesn't quite have the same effect when the big guy is staring himself down in the mirror while roaring to finish off his set.  Exhale yes.  Scream no.  Calm down bro.

The old behind the head lat pull down trick.  Unless you are trying to improve your 'text neck' look or crack a cervical vertebrae I really can't think of a less functional exercise in the gym.  Well...ok...maybe there are a few others...ab machine anyone?

Reading.  There is a strange correlation between gym readers and complaints of 'I just can't seem to lose any weight no matter what I do' syndrome.  Huh...I wonder what the connection is?

How do you look?  No do you look?  Oh going back for another look?  How do you look now?  OMG if I see another dude flex his chest and check himself out in the mirror this month I will tell them they look like they need to work their calves more.  Dare me?

And now for something much more serious and educational, here is another look at one of my favourite gym videos on the 'Flip Side'.... Happy January:)


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