Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Inspiration

Hello and Happy Monday Amigo's!

The week has begun and it is time to find the energy you need for a week of fitness!  Here is some inspiration to get you started this week...

A few images, ideas, events and clips that inspired me over the last week or so!  Enjoy!

Workout inspiration from 'Strong Lola'...if you want to reach your goals you really don't have a choice...'you have to keep going'.

 I LOVE this image.  This truly is where I 'plug in' and get most of my energy from.  Supernatural mother nature.  She fills me up.  Get out there and learn to tap into this infinite energy resource.

 Sometimes a little imagery is all I need to trick myself into working harder lol:)  This one really got me moving this week!

 I LOVE this quote!  This is the quote I am using for our new Ultramarathon Training Program.  You are capable of more than you realize!  Keep pushing those limitations and see how far you can go!  Training starts at the end of March...check it out...

 I love this image of Spruce Lake and a float plane from Tyax Resort.  You could be stepping off of this plane and enjoying the 'fly-in' trail run epic of a lifetime this September long!  Check out our Tyax Trail Running Retreat...


 TED Talk Inspiration...some AWESOME talks in this group that are guaranteed to inspire you!

Mental Training to make you stronger...

That's it for the list this week...would love to hear what inspired you this week!

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