Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Favourite Fall Gear

Hello ... Fall? 

First grey day in over 3 months it seems...time to light the wood stove, dig out the gloves and (gasp) try to find those darn tights.  If you are still in denial that fall is here and winter is on the way then look away my friends...I feel your pain.  Bookmark this blog and come on back once you have moved into the acceptance phase;)...

I often get asked what my favourite _____ is for _____.  Gear is super personal but I am always happy to share what works for me.  The following are items that I pretty much use on a daily basis.  They have been tested, tried and are true to me!

My Favourite Fall Gear

You know those things that you just can't believe you lived without before they existed in your world?  They are the things that we use daily, reach for constantly, provide us with what it is we need- be it comfort or joy or both.  My favourite thing of them all right now is this jacket.  It is worth every penny and I wish I had one years ago.  Why?  Super light-weight, cuts the wind and manages to thermo-regulate in a wide range of temps, keeps the drizzle off, squishes up into a tiny pouch you can carry in one hand has a hood:)  Love it!
Get one at Valhalla Pure (pssst ELM have an after hours shopping night coming up in November...)

OK it is crazy big BUT it is also crazy bright and the best value you will ever find for 900 lumins of light.  I wore this in the Canadian Death Race last year and like a moth to a flame, racers huddled behind it once they fell into it's spell.  Little headlamps seem awesome...until I turn on my Magicshine and their beams disappear into the glow.  Meant for biking but amazing for running as well - best worn over a headband/toque or hat because of the size/weight.  Be sure to purchase the headband and extension cord accessories to go along with the light.  Deal of the year.  Looks like this model is sold out right now but you can find similar ones here... Deal Extreme...

3. Sugoi R&R Knee High Compression Socks. 

Although I used to have to use these for compression and recovery for my varicose veins and for my compartment syndrome...I still use them on a weekly basis for rides and runs just cause they rock.  They fold down into short socks if need be...and when you need high socks you got em!  Awesome for cooler temps when you aren't ready for tights but want some extra warmth.  Perfect for mountain biking and a little extra protection from the terrain/elements (and mud!).  And the cat's arse for bushwhacking- cause you just never know!  I like these ones because they aren't too tight and they are nice and warm and breathable at the same time. 
Looks like they aren't listed on the Sugoi website anymore...but you can probably still pick them up at ELM Super sponsor, Extreme Runners...while supplies last...

4. Garmin GPS. 

So small, so acurate, so awesome to be able to track your route, speed, elevation, time and heart rate all at once!  If you don't have a Garmin by now you must really not know what you are missing.  Of course you CAN live without one...but if your biggest hobbies are all in the great outdoors and you like numbers (must like numbers) then why would you want to? 

I have the 405...which is now the 410 and love it.
Pick one up in Courtenay at Extreme Runners...

5. Spooky Mini Gloves.

You may laugh but I love these little gloves!  Thicker (and bigger) than those little $1 mini gloves AND covered in glow in the dark ghosts and goblins, these gloves are just perfect for fall and spring.  They keep my hands just the right temperature during my runs and while teaching outdoors.  Not too mention how cute they are;)
I just picked up a pair at Canadian Tire in Courtenay for $2.  Have also seen them at Capitol Iron on Victoria.

6. Larabar. Chocolate Peanut Butter to be exact

I love to make my own energy balls and bars but sometimes the cupboards are bare and I need to grab something to go.  I turn my nose up at most packaged energy bars but the Larabars are an exception- they taste great and are good for you.  No chemicals or preservatives or additives.  Just dates, nuts and the rest.  Like peanut butter...and chocolate...Need I say more?

You can check out all the flavours online here... and you can get boxes of them at Superstore...yum.

Those are my favourite fall things right now!  I would love to hear what gear is keeping you happy and comfortable out there right now!  What's your favourite fall gear?


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