Monday, August 27, 2012

Congratulations IronELMers!


Over 2600 racers of all ages, sizes, abilities and experiences left everything on the course this past weekend in the 30th and final Subaru Ironman Penticton event.

3.8km open water swim - legs and arms of hundreds of swimmers clawing at them, waves covering them, wet suits restricting them and thick water dragging against them....

180km road bike-sun beating on them, pavement radiating it back up at them, bikes forcing them into contorted aerodynamic postures, long epic climbs searing their quads and stretching their lungs to the very edge...

42.2km marathon run-shredding quads and calves, throwing a wall of inertia at them, beating out every last bit of energy in them.

And that is just what their bodies go through. 

The physical strength is absolutely nothing compared to the mental strength that is required to complete this type of endurance event. 

The human body can do this and much more.  It is the mind that sets the limits and boundaries.

Congratulations to all Ironmen and Ironwomen!  Especially to ELM'ers Audrey E and Paul L of the Comox Valley for finishing this years race.  You are amazing!


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