Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Team ELM Takes on the Squamish 50 Mile Relay!

Is it possible to have TOO much fun in a weekend?  Well, if so, we came pretty darn close this past weekend in Squamish!  Team ELM sailed across the sea to the Comox Valley's sister city, Squamish.  With big trails, big wind and a big Chief towering above, the Squamish Valley is my second favourite playground;)

Team ELM entered the 5 person Squamish 50 mile Relay and I got back in my racing sneakers for the 21 (AKA 25) km trail run.  It was my 'celebration' run and first footrace after a year of recovery from my bizarre ankle fracture.  I am happy to say I crossed the line in one piece!  My ankle was making me aware of it's presence during the final kms, but I have not had any symptoms since crossing the finish line so I am one happy girl:)

Team ELM Glowbots rocked the costumes and won without contest the TEAM SPIRIT award!  Props to our 'artistic director', Kyoko, for putting together fab, look-at-me, flourescent costumes:)  And props to the boys and girls for wearing bikini bottoms outside of their shorts during their epic legs- in epic heat!

Good times, good, friends, GREAT race and great memories from an awesome weekend!  If you are considering training for your first ultra next year...this is the one- right in your backyard and along some of the most fun single track you can find anywhere:)  The route was pretty technical in places as it followed the top biking trails, but there were also long sections of gravel road and wide park trails to rest the brain and the legs.  No huge mountains on this course- just constant up and down and up and down and up and down:).

BIG thank you to Gary Robbins and his awesome team of volunteers/organizers for putting on this fantastic event.  We hope to be back next year!

Here is the weekend in pics!

 Riding with the boys on Friday in the super sweet single track of Squamish!  Never been on Half Nelson before?  Get your arse over there!

 6am and the ELM Glowbot Girls are bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Amazing team spirit!

 Chris survives 2 legs and 20kms wearing womens clothing ... what a trooper!  Passing off to Kiyoko for leg 3 in Alice Lake Park!

 Me crossing the finish line after running 25kms of sweet trail in crazy moment of the day!

 Taking the long route up the Squamish Chief on Sunday morning after the race!

ELM Sunrise yoga on the Chief!

Thanks for a great weekend Team ELM!!  You ROCK!!!!!


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